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Garden Gate Counseling and Consulting has moved to Wayne, West Virginia! We are now offering Relapse Prevention Coaching and Mental Health Nutrition via online video and telephone.

Services Offered

Relapse Prevention Services: Our Relapse Prevention Coaching program quickly identifies the blocks and barriers which have kept you from experiencing long-term sobriety and gives you the tools to overcome them and create sustainable recovery. Causes of chronic relapse often include a history of trauma; Post-Acute Withdrawal (PAW) symptoms of depression, anxiety and insomnia; chronic pain; and a poor diet, along with other biochemical and nutritional imbalances. We work with all Substance Use Disorders as well as Sex and Pornography Addiction.

Mental Health Nutrition: This powerful modality identifies and addresses nutritional and biochemical causes of symptoms such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, violence, addictive cravings, detox and withdrawal, pain and fatigue, using diet changes and over-the-counter supplements. It can also support the process of tapering off psychotropic medication such as SSRI’s and Benzodiazapines. Our highly experienced nutritionist will help you to use diet, nutrients, hydration, sleep, exercise and stress reduction to heal and develop life-long wellness skills.

Non-Medication Chronic Pain-Management Skill Training: Not all pain brings suffering! This program teaches you how stress, negative self-talk, and trying too hard can increase your suffering, and lower your ability to still engage in life and find joy. Using information, skill building, relaxation exercises and self-exploration, we empower you to reclaim your life, without medication. This program is available individually, or with a group.

Anxiety, Depression and Life-Stress: Our skilled coaches compassionately and confidentially help you identify and transform the inner blocks to creating a life worth living.

Garden Gate Counseling Services

Meet the Veselak Team

Jan Veselak

MA, LAC, CCHT, Online Relapse Prevention and Recovery Coach, NLP Practitioner, and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist

About Jan

Christina Veselak, LMFT, CN

On-line Relapse Prevention Coach, and Mental Health Nutritionist

About Christina

Dmitria Veselak

CRNC1, Mental Health Nutrition Coach

About Dmitria

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Rave Reviews

Debra FillaOwner of Inside Out, Helping Build Health from the Inside Councilmember City of Leawood
I looked long and hard for the education that Christina provides. Having asked the question, “If addition is a disease, what’s broken? And more importantly, “How to treat it?” (in the same vein as the disease of diabetes) I was delighted to find Christina’s Academy. I completed both her Level 1 and Level 2 training to become a Certified Nutrition Recovery Coach for Addiction and Mental Health. Christina is unique in that she can take complicated biochemistry information and translate it into laymen’s language. Whether consulting with Recovery Centers to incorporate new standards of care, or teaching others to spread the word, Christina is breaking new ground in the field of integrative treatment for addiction.
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