Mental Health Nutrition

Through our experience and training as a Mental Health Nutritionist, we have come to see how deeply our personal biochemistry affects our mood and behavior. We find that most of the time, we can find effective alternatives to psychiatric medication.

What does it mean to be a Mental Health Nutritionist?
We help our clients identify nutritionally based issues such as protein intake, vitamin deficiencies, blood sugar balance & hypoglycemia, food intolerances, and genetic issues in order to reduce depression, anxiety, insomnia, relapse, and even some psychotic symptoms.

We successfully use these methods to reduce cravings, post-acute withdrawal symptoms, and relapse in clients with chemical dependency and process addictions. It is our experience that most complex disorders have both emotional and biochemical components to them. Therefore, we need to address both at the same time for quick relief.

Our founder, Christina Veselak graduated from the American Health Science University in 1993 as a Certified Nutritionist.  Since then, she has studied with the top people in this field, including Julia Ross, Joan Mathews Larson, Dr. Hyla Cass, Dr. Jeffrey Bland, and Dr. Charles Gant. She has extensively studied western herbal medicine and is very familiar with herbal approaches to mental health issues.

Our nutritional work together would never take the place of necessary medical treatment and we do not diagnose or treat medical conditions.

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