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Christina Veselak saved my life
Christina Veselak saved my life and I mean in the literal sense. I was diagnosed several years ago with Type 2 Diabetes and had been unable to control my eating. My blood sugar levels were extremely high and I was beginning to have liver and kidney damage. Someone referred me to Christina and she quickly and methodically defined the problem, made dietary recommendations as well as added a few supplements to support liver/kidney function, and I have experienced some early, very positive results with much lower blood sugar and gradual, but steady weight loss. Christina’s psychotherapy skills were also very helpful in providing insight and support to me in my journey to live the healthiest life possible.
Emily Alford MADenver, CO
I was a BIG coffee drinker – I would drink up to 4-8 cups of coffee every morning. I began to become almost neurotic about having my coffee prepared before the morning so that I could drink it right when I woke up in the morning. I suffer from anxiety and I was feeling like the coffee was not only making me more jittery and anxious but also dehydrated and sometimes even tired (probably from the dehydration). I am an avid hot yoga practitioner and hydration is very important for my practice. I started taking GABA (500mg) at night and L-Tyrosine (750mg)  in the morning on a regular basis. Suddenly, to my surprise, I stopped craving coffee! I am now clean from coffee for about two months and my overall health has improved greatly. I do drink tea with very small amounts of caffeine once in a while, however, when I wake in the morning I  don’t feel like I need the boost from caffeine. It has been a really positive change for my mental and physical health!
This one still brings tears to my eyes when I read it.
Dear Christina, I just wanted to say thanks for all you’ve done for me and, indirectly for my family as well. Though I have seen many therapists throughout my life, no one has ever gone above and beyond like you do, nor has anyone helped me to begin to heal as you have during our short time together. You have truly given me reason to have hope for a much brighter, healthier and addiction-free tomorrow!
From a student
Dear Christina, These nutriceuticals are no joke. I have a private practice client who for years had been dissociating, highly anxious, pessimistic and irritable. She also had obsessive thoughts and difficulty concentrating, motivating, and sleeping. She had severe food cravings as well. During our session last week, she rated all of these symptoms as 8, 9, or 10 on a 0-10 scale (0 meaning ‘no problem’ and 10 meaning ‘highly distressing, constant or nearly constant). And for the past month she had been bingeing almost daily, and purging 3-4 times per week. So I put her on some amino acids. She started them last Tuesday. Today she came in and stated she is sleeping fine, and is no longer anxious. She still gets “annoyed” but nowhere near as irritated, and her focus and concentration are back. Oh, and the cravings have diminished to the point that she can bring awareness to them and start to manage them. We re-did her ratings and her highest rating for any of these symptoms was a 3 on a 0-10 scale. Most symptoms were down to 0, 1, or 2. Oh yeah, and she has not binged or purged since last Friday.
MWDenver, CO
I was referred to Christina Veselak after struggling for decades with extreme anxiety. I had seen multiple traditional psychiatrists who all prescribed SSRI drugs such as Zoloft to treat the symptoms of my anxiety, though no amount of this drug could get it under control. Ms. Veselak was the first person to discuss nutritional deficiencies and the impact that they have on serotonin levels in the brain. She taught me how to treat the source of the problem for the first time. Within one week, with some very simple changes to my diet, my anxiety is completely gone, and I have levels of energy and well-being that I haven’t had in twenty years!

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